About QUDT

QUDT.org is a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit organization founded to provide semantic specifications for units of measure, quantity kind, dimensions and data types.   QUDT is an advocate for the development and implementation of standards to quantify data expressed in RDF and JSON.   Our mission is to improve interoperability of data and the specification of information structures through industry standards for Units of Measure, Quantity Kinds, Dimensions and Data Types.

QUDT.org operates thanks to volunteers, but we do have infrastructural costs of course. If you value the QUDT ontologies as a resource available to all, please consider a DONATION of any amount (tax deductible in the USA). That will allow us to keep going and growing.

Why QUDT.org

QUDT.org exists to make the QUDT Ontologies, derived models and vocabularies available to the public. Originally, QUDT models were developed for the NASA Exploration Initiatives Ontology Models (NExIOM) project, a Constellation Program initiative at the AMES Research Center (ARC).